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Laser and Light Treatments


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The end of waxing, bleaching & shaving…

Treatment is suitable for both men and women, and unwanted hair can be treated on virtually any part of the body.

The treatment is totally non-invasive, so you will have no recovery period and will be able to carry on with normal activities immediately after treatment.

To arrange a consultation, patch test and design your personal treatment programme please contact us now we will be happy to help.

• You want the latest technology, offering the best treatments.
• You want to get the best and longest lasting results for your money.
• You want to get the ultimate solution to your conditions.
• You're serious about improving your self-esteem and your physical appearance.



1 Treatment

Course 6th FREE

Upper Lip£35£175
Side of Face£45£225
Centre Eyebrows£20£100
Standard Bikini£70£350
Bikini Plus£85£425
Under Arms£60£300
Stomach Line£30£150
Full Leg£280"£1400
Upper Leg£180£900
Lower Leg£180£900
Fore Arms£60£300
Lower Back£55£280



1 Treatment

Course 6th FREE

Whole Face£120£600
Half Face£70£350
Whole Face/Neck£160£800
Full Legs£280"£1400
Lower Legs£180£900
Upper Legs£180£900
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    What is this?

    Age and environmental stresses can wreak havoc on the skin. Help is at hand with the Carbon Laser Peel treatment, which removes the damaged outer layers of skin and stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells in the underlying layers..

    The Process
    Fake It Beauty in Bridgend offer Carbon Laser Peels - the process involves a laser beam focused on skin that has been covered by a thin layer of carbon.

    The laser beam is absorbed by the carbon particles due to its dark colour. Throughout the procedure, skin pores are simultaneously minimised. Due to the thermal effect, the growth of connective tissue increases while the carbon particles ex-foliate the skin and purge skin pores.

    This treatment is suitable for Wrinkles, Acne Scarring and Enlarged pores.

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      How it is done

      The Tattoo is removed by a quality-switched laser, which shatters the pigments into tiny particular. As the ink particles are removed, the tattoo begins to fade.

      We use a Sapphire and Ruby Q-switched KTP/ YAG laser, this type of laser delivers the energy quickly and allows for the best results for tattoo removal. Q-switched lasers are the only lasers that should be used for laser tattoo removal.

      Q-Switched stands for 'quality-switched laser' and this laser targets short pulses of light energy at a tattoo which shatters the pigments into tiny particles.

      This particular laser produces a very high power in quick pulses. The light energy produced tends to pass through normally pigmented skin and specifically targets the pigment on the tattoo ink deep in the dermis layer. As the ink absorbs this light energy, the ink breaks down into smaller particles which is then evacuated from the body through normal immune response. As the ink particles are removed, the tattoo begins to fade.

      Tattoo removal lasers are very safe for use when used by a trained laser operator with proper safety equipment (goggles to protect the eyes). The radiation emitted by a tattoo removal laser is non-ionizing and carries no risk of cancer or other abnormal cell growth.

      Lasers will cause some discomfort and it is usual to experience a small amount of pain in the area afterwards (like you do after having a tattoo) The laser pulses have been likened to having your skin 'pinged' with an elastic band, this is usually tolerated by most people without any anaesthetic.

      However, some areas can prove more sensitive than others, especially around the ankles or the shoulder blade. Fortunately, the discomfort does decrease as treatment progresses and the tattooing fades. In our experience most patients will tolerate the discomfort of treatment very well but we can provide local anaesthetic cream if required.

      How long does it take?

      The treatment can take between 5 and 30 minutes, longer sessions could cause too much trauma to the skin so are not recommended, this means that larger tattoos need to be treated in several separate sittings.

      Depending on the tattoo and the result required (removal or cover up) up to 12 or more sessions may be required. Do not be surprised, however, if the removal of your tattoo takes more sessions than that. Each person and each tattoo is unique so the number of treatment sessions you will need can vary.

      Can I come back sooner?
      Can I schedule to come back sooner than 6 weeks? No, The targeted ink takes time to break down and be removed by the body. Visits are scheduled 6 weeks apart to allow the body to absorb and dissolve the disrupted ink.
      Can I have just a part of my tattoo removed?

      Yes. Our lasers are very accurate. We can take the face off your pin-up girl to have it redone. We can take just the name off pieces or remove misspelt letters.

      How much does it cost?

      Prices are from £25 to £90 per session depending on size of the tattoo and length of the sitting, single or multiple colours, the pigment colours used, and whether the tattoo was carried out by a professional or an amateur. We will be able give you a full quote during your consultation. A consultation takes approx 20 minutes and is charged at £25.

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